Classicon Glass Bell Tables: Transparently brilliant!

The glass tables from Classicon are a must have for those who love delicate and yet dazzling interiors which will add to the beauty of the living room.

Not only will they make for great conversation pieces, but they are certain to go along with various styles and designs that you have already used for your home.

This reminds us of ‘Genie in a bottle’ for some strange reason and while the base of these lovely table is like a ‘bell’, it seems more like an exotic bottle that will open up to reveal  some riches.

Classicon Glass Bell Tables 1

Designed by Sebastian Henker, the bell-shaped base of the table is transparent and lightweight while the top is a lot more solid and dense. From a design perspective it presents with a contrast that is not found too often. The many shades of the base vary as these are specifically handcrafted tables and the small imperfections that come with the Glass Bell Tables add to their unique nature. It is a reminder that you own something that is singular and inimitable.

Classicon Glass Bell Tables 2

The metallic brass top also adds to its charm. With modern home builders and designers using more and more glass along with concrete, wood and steel, this should fit in seamlessly. While the walls these days are mostly styled in a minimalistic fashion in neutral whites and grays, the glass table provides for a wonderful contrast. No matter what your style, Retro or modern, Sebastian Henker’s design is set to steal the show.

Classicon Glass Bell Tables 3Classicon Glass Bell Tables 4

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