25 Nicest DIY Christmas Ornaments

Decorating the Christmas tree together – what a wonderful way of spending a bit of quality time with your family! But I know something that can make this time even more beautiful – using the ornaments that you made yourself, together with your kids! These DIY Christmas ornaments are not just beautiful and unique, but they are also easy to make. Besides, preparing the ornaments at home and imagining how great they will look on your Christmas tree will add to the excitement surrounding the holidays. These ornaments are not just the perfect way to decorate your own Christmas tree, but also a great idea to offer as presents to your friends and family. These presents will always remind them of you.

25 Nicest DIY Christmas Ornaments

Reading about these hand-made Christmas decorations has reminded me of my childhood, preparing for the most beautiful time of the year. We did not have so many supplies at hand back in the day – we used colored paper, wool, popcorn and thread to make our own decorations. Today we have so many more things we can use to make our own Christmas ornaments – the only limit is our own creativity. As you will see below, the traditional raw materials have not gone out of style. Popcorn, wool and colored paper were joined by felt, glitter, clay, special paints and a series of natural, easy to come by raw materials as pine cones, branches, various nuts and cinnamon. With the multitude of tips it’s easy to create your own unique ornaments for this year’s Christmas tree.

DIY Christmas Ornaments

Below you will find the selection I made for the most creative and inspiring do-it-yourself Christmas ornaments I could find. I hope these will help you create something new, unique this holiday season, and spend even more time with your loved ones.

1. Paper Ornaments

With some creativity, patience and colored paper – as well as a few more things, as you will see below – you can create some very nice things to hang on your Christmas tree this year.

DIY Christmas Ornaments PaperSource: scrapbooksetc.com

DIY Christmas Ornaments Toilet Paper RollSource: michelemademe.com

DIY Christmas Ornaments Comic BookSource: etsy.com

DIY Christmas Ornaments PresentsSource: hardlyhousewives.com

DIY Christmas Ornaments Paper BallsSource: sarahnielsen.com

2. Felt ornaments

You will be surprised how easy it is to work with felt. Scissors, a needle and a thread, and some creativity will help you create such wonderful ornaments as the ones below:

DIY Christmas Ornaments Pom Pom SantaSource:  justcraftyenough.com

DIY Christmas Ornaments SnowflakesSource:  purlbee.com

DIY Christmas Ornaments BaconSource: blog.seremeres.com

DIY Christmas Ornaments Felt OwlSource:  juicy-bits.typepad.com

DIY Christmas Ornaments Stuffed SnowmanSource:  spoonful.com


3. Re-purposed Christmas globes

Have some transparent globes? Re-decorate them using everyday items around your house, giving them a unique look and feel.

You can use feathers

DIY Christmas Ornaments FeathersSource: shelterness.com

melted crayons

DIY Christmas Ornaments Melted CrayonsSource: swelldesigner.blogspot.com

acrylic paint

DIY Christmas Ornaments Acrylic PaintSource:  shopcutebuttons.com


DIY Christmas Ornaments Glitter BallSource:  ilovetocreateblog.blogspot.com

or even popcorn

DIY Christmas Ornaments Filled with PopcornSource:  theornamentgirl.com

4. Objects around the house

You would be surprised how many of your everyday household items can be used to create unique Christmas decorations.

You can try LEGOs

DIY Christmas Ornaments Lego OrnamentSource:  geeksugar.com

plastic animal toys

DIY Christmas Ornaments Glitter AnimalsSource: curbly.com


DIY Christmas Ornaments ScrabbleSource:  mysweetsavannah.blogspot.com

cinnamon sticks

DIY Christmas Ornaments Cinnamon SticksSource:  dandelionsonthewall.com

or even clothes you don’t wear anymore

DIY Christmas Ornaments Recycled T-ShirtSource: skiptomylou.org

5. Natural raw materials

There are things that just lay around the house or outdoors that make perfect raw materials for DIY Christmas ornaments – things you throw away or just walk by on a normal day.

Like twigs

DIY Christmas Ornaments TwigSource: michelemademe.com

cookie cutters

DIY Christmas Ornaments Cookie CutterSource:  allyou.com

pine cones

DIY Christmas Ornaments Painted PineconeSource: doityourselfdivas.blogspot.com

pistachio shells

DIY Christmas Ornaments Pistachio ShellsSource: shelterness.com

or even acorns

DIY Christmas Ornaments AcornSource: sweetsomethingdesign.blogspot.com

Put aside your smartphone and leave the chair for a few hours, and turn your Christmas tree into something wonderful and unique for this holiday season.

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