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DIY Decorations Using Stuff Around You in the Fall

handmade wood tree branch shelf

Although the weather seems not to have been notified of the news, fall is here – and its countless pleasures are falling upon us day after day. The colorful leaves and the drying branches, while a bit sad – they signify the end of summer and the closing of winter – can serve as inspiration  [ Read More ]

25 Nicest DIY Christmas Ornaments

25 Nicest DIY Christmas Ornaments

Decorating the Christmas tree together – what a wonderful way of spending a bit of quality time with your family! But I know something that can make this time even more beautiful – using the ornaments that you made yourself, together with your kids! These DIY Christmas ornaments are not just beautiful and unique, but  [ Read More ]

Re-purpose pallets into furniture, garden accessories

wooden pallet furniture 09

A pallet is a flat transport structure that is made of wooden boards. Pallets can have different dimensions, depending on which standard they were manufactured after,  but the most widely used ones are 48 inces by 40 inches. These are used for shipping goods by most of the industries active in the US. Some pallets  [ Read More ]

25 Affordable and Creative Kitchen Storage Ideas

Kitchen Storage Ideas 15

Implement these creative kitchen storage ideas and keep your kitchen organized. Sometimes all the kitchen space in the world is not enough to store the tools that you gather in years. Especially when your kitchen is as small as mine. You need to be creative and effective when it comes to organizing your collection of  [ Read More ]

50 Amazing Aquariums for your Home

50 Amazing Aquariums for your Home

If you like the waterside and often think about spending time by the water, aquariums are one solution that allows you to take it home with you. Aquariums can create a special atmosphere in your interiors, but their role does not end here: they can also be functional. It’s almost a classic idea to use  [ Read More ]

Rocking chairs: modern meets traditional

Highback Rapson Greenbelt Rocker

Rocking chairs have always had something cozy and warm in them. Grandma sitting in a rocking chair in front of the fireplace, knitting. Grandpa sitting in a rocking chair in front of the patio, smoking his pipe and staring into the sunset. Well, the rocking chair might be a traditional piece of furniture, but their  [ Read More ]

Skidome Denmark: Indoor Skiing in a snowflake

Skidome Denmark

Skidome Denmark will be a Alpine style indoor ski facility in the Danish city of Randers, the sixth biggest town of the country. Danish architectural company CEBRA and travel agency Danski are responsible for the idea and construction of the unconventional resort. The unconventional ski resort was inspired by the slopes of the Alpe d’Huez  [ Read More ]

97 Kitchen Island Design Ideas with Style and Comfort

Kitchen Island Design Ideas

What is a kitchen island? Also called a block kitchen, a kitchen island is a design concept where the stove and the sink are placed where a classic kitchen would have a table with some chairs around it. Every member of every family spends more or less time in the kitchen. You cook there, you  [ Read More ]

95 Kids Bedroom Decorating Ideas

95 Kids Bedroom Decorating Ideas

For every kid it’s important to have a little confined space of his or her own, a little fortress to hide from the hardships of everyday life. It has to be fun, it has to be “cool”, it has to be the wonderful little place where kids’ dream reside. Below you can find some kids  [ Read More ]

Hanging Delights: Stylish & sensuous pendant lamps from Prandina

Blown glass pendant lamps Prandina

If you are looking for a variety of pendant lamps that offer both variety and style, then the new set of lighting installations from Prandina is something that you must surely check out. Offering plenty both in terms of design and ambient lighting, the blown glass pendant lamps on display at the Light & Building  [ Read More ]