Home Bathroom Dornbracht Shower: Pamper your senses with a horizontal shower!

Dornbracht Shower: Pamper your senses with a horizontal shower!

Dornbracht Shower

There is really nothing like a soothing hot shower after a long days work to relax and melt away all those worries. That is especially true if you had a stressful day in the office or had a great outing where you have had plenty of fun but the body has been completely tired out. Nothing replenishes your senses like that wonderful shower and if you have the right array of fittings in your bathroom, then it really does become the perfect start to a great evening! And you must have come across plenty of luxury showers that offer you that ‘soothing’ feeling, but have you ever come across a horizontal shower?

Dornbracht Shower

That is absolutely right… Dornbracht is offering a horizontal shower which will allow you to lie around as you take your shower. The horizontal shower is indeed unique as it offers six different streams of water that can be custom-controlled when it comes to pressure, temperature and water flow. Consider this more like a massage from comforting jets of warm water than a shower that will just cleanse you. If conventional showers already help you relax, then this will pretty much open up the gates to nirvana, no doubt!

Dornbracht Shower 2Dornbracht Shower 3

The shower is controlled by a minimalist-styled unit which is being dubbed as the ‘eTool’. It offers an array of options which allow you to control the jets of water to perfection and that too with little to no effort whatsoever. The shower from Dornbracht is intended to ensure that all your worries simply melt away and you are completely wrapped in cozy lavishness. Install one of these at your home and shower time turns into a lot more…

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