Home Architecture Fishers Island House: A green abode nestled in New York

Fishers Island House: A green abode nestled in New York

Fishers Island House

To catch a bit of green in the modern concrete jungles is indeed a refreshing sight. It is all the more beautiful when it comes attached with a gorgeous modern home that is nestled in one of the busiest cities of the planet. When you think New York, you think of those tall sky scrapers along with all those monuments and streets where everyone always seems to be in a hurry to get somewhere. The Fishers Island Home that you see here is a truly a refreshing change of pace.

Fishers Island House

The home integrates beautiful and minimalistic look with its serene green surroundings to ensure that the exteriors seem like a natural extension of the home. Using floor to ceiling glass windows that offer relaxing views, the home tends to follow the modern trend of using steel, concrete in neutral shades and plenty of glass. There is no wood here and that lens it a more futuristic look than one of a classic home.

 Fishers Island House exterior

A beautiful painted white kitchen that uses sleek furnishings, an interior glass enclosure that brings in the flora, skylights that provide both natural ventilation and exhaust in the kitchen and ambient lighting will ensure that you find the home refreshing and relaxing. Mossy rock garden, beautiful shrubs and flowering foliage help you escape from the big city rush and give you a feel that you are close to nature.

 Fishers Island House kitchen room

Designed by Thomas Phifer and his partners, Fishers Island Home is all about simple design and ergonomic styling and showcases how one can fit a modern home into a natural backdrop without disturbing the serenity of the place. If anything, its contours add to the setting…



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