Artic pendant light: Illuminating in style!

Of all the products and furniture that define the interiors of your home, lighting fixtures are probably the most important ones. There are a couple of reasons for this. Not only do they add to the beauty of the living space and accentuate its style, but they also offer you the perfect lighting that you need to highlight the right regions of your home. Proper lighting can be the difference between mediocre interiors and great ones. Getting the ambient lighting right and the angles that will enhance your living space is a topic for another day, but the Artic pendant lights offers a great choice for those who specifically want cool pendant lights.

White pendant lights Artic Cattelan Italia

Designed by Cattelan Italia, these do carry with them that special ‘it’ factor that seems to come with Italian design. We really do not know what it is, but somehow there really does seem to be an added touch of brilliance to ‘Italian craftsmanship’. The Artic Lights do bring that right into your home with an added incentive of fitting in perfectly with the lighting scheme of your choice.

White pendant lights Artic Cattelan Italia 2

The design of Artic lights seems to be inspired by tracks in snow as the white surface does remind us of a carving knife used on hard ice surface. The design has certain randomness to it and yet achieves it with a sense of clean and well-defined finish. The lights take from the modern trend of minimalist design and come in all-white ensuring that they find their way into most modern homes with ease. You can either use them as a contrast to existing shades of your interiors or they go perfectly well with the neutral grays and whites as well.

White pendant lights Artic Cattelan Italia 3

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