Hotel Snoozebox: Shipping containers stacked into comfy hotel

Restructuring and repurposing old building material to create new modular homes and building has been a technique that produced quite few audacious structures of late. One of the main advantages that this offers is mobility. By turning shipping containers into mobile buildings, or ones that can be set up with ease, one saves both on time and construction costs. Their economic and ergonomic advantage is ensuring that such building techniques are becoming more and more popular with each passing day. Hotel Snoozebox is another of such designs which can be set up in just 48 hours and will offer you luxury along with mobility.

Hotel Snoozebox

Hotel Snoozebox can be configured in 400 different ways according to its creators and no, we are not going to detail all the 400 ways here. But the idea here is to show how adaptable this shipping containers turned hotel can be and the fact that it can be easily relocated allows you to carry and reassemble it in difficult and remote working locations. The hotel comes with a staff that offers you all the services you get at any other descent hotel and with each room coming with features such as double bed, flat screen TV, free Wi-Fi and cooling units, it offers you everything that you need when away from home.

Hotel Snoozebox 2

Designed to satisfy the shelter needs of large filming units, racing teams and carnival units that are on the move, this is a great example of how one can move away from the traditional building methods to create new structures that are both sturdy and safe. Snoozebox also offers pretty sound security and so you need not worry about someone just walking into your container room. This is all about construction methods that think ‘out of the box’!

Hotel Snoozebox 4

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