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Exquisite Electrolier: Shedding a new light on chandeliers design

Lighting installations are obviously pivotal to the way your interiors look as not only do they add to the space around them with their own form, but also do so with the ambient lighting that they offer. With modern LED lights and various other types of lighting units taking over, the chandeliers is no longer as popular as they used to be. It would be safe to assume that most modern homes do not really want a giant glass chandelier hanging in the middle of the living room that seems to radiate ergonomics and simplicity. But how about the Exquisite Electrolier, which brings the chandelier with a modern twist?

Exquisite Electrolier by Denise Hachinger

Designed by Denise Hachinger, the Exquisite Electrolier does away with the giant glass designs and replaces that with a sleek and stylish unit that seems to change its form according to your choice. The idea here is to offer multiple lighting options to the consumer without having to buy various units. The Exquisite Electrolier seems to sport many reflective glass panels that are supported by a series of metallic wires. You can control the shape of this chandelier and with it also the pattern of diffused light in your living room.

Exquisite Electrolier by Denise Hachinger 1Exquisite Electrolier by Denise Hachinger 3

The idea is really cool and it offers us a chance to experiment without having to buy several chandeliers and you can always change the settings whenever you want according to your necessity. The chandelier can pretty much ‘open and close’ with your will and this offers a very exclusive sense of dynamism. We love the idea of Exquisite Electrolier and it would be nice to see one of these out and available soon.

Exquisite Electrolier by Denise Hachinger 4Exquisite Electrolier by Denise Hachinger 5Exquisite Electrolier by Denise Hachinger 6

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