Home Furniture Orson Coffee Table: Plenty of space to park in your coffee mug!

Orson Coffee Table: Plenty of space to park in your coffee mug!

Orson Coffee Table by Brandon Gore

Some of us are really annoyed with this whole ‘coasters’ business. Not that we have anything specifically against the people who make them. But we lazy people would like to put our glass of wine or cup of coffee wherever we want without people bugging us to use one of those coasters. Yes, sometimes the glasses might leave behind a ring and if it was in our own home, we would be totally fine with that. But the clean folk of the world seem to be way too concerned about how their table tops look and feel a bit too much. Well, the Orson Coffee Table might put them a t ease a bit.

Orson Coffee Table by Brandon Gore

This coffee table seems to come with slots for your coffee mug and not just one. While our arithmetic is barely sound in most cases, for this one we can assure you that there are ten such slots for your coffee mug, cup of tea or even glass of wine to go into. The idea here is to do away with saucers and coasters and still not have to worry about it. The indentations in the table provide for a pretty stable spot to place your hot coffee mug in the morning and while we are not sure what the other nine spots are for, maybe one of the kids can fill them in with paint and use the Orson table as a giant painting tray or something!

Orson Coffee Table by Brandon Gore 2

Seriously though, crafted by Brandon Gore of Tempe, Arizona, the table measures 65”long, 18”wide and 16”high and should be a nice addition to your living room. And if you are one like us who really does not care much for those famed ‘rings’ on tables, then do gift it to one of your annoying friends who constantly asks you to use those coasters at the party. You know; the Monica Geller kind…

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