Intricate crotched and knitted pendant lamps from Naomi Paul

Various modern artists and designers are turning towards recycling and eco-friendly designs to try and ensure that they add an extra dimension to their creation. They want to attribute not just unique features, but also ensure that their customers get to feel all warm and cozy about how the product that they have just bough is planet-friendly. Naomi Paul is a designer from London and she is renowned for designs that are elegant, stylish, sport a classic look and design and also use eco-conscious fabrics and organic materials.

Naomi Paul knitted pendant lamps

Now it is one things crafting pillow covers and blankets with organic fabric and a whole different story when it comes to creating pendant lamps that sport a similar look. Her collection of knitted pendant lamps offer wide variety both in terms of design and in colors, while they are all hand-knit and come in organic fabric. The crocheting and knitting patterns offer a style that seems both laid back and serene and these lighting units are the perfect way to create soft and ambient interiors.

Naomi Paul textiles lamp 3

Of course, the artist also creates many other pieces of furniture which include pillows, various cushions, chairs and other décor, all of which are wrapped in complete organic goodness. We obviously love the pendant lamps best as they obviously are the most delightful creations among all. You can take your own pick though…

Naomi Paul textiles lamp 5

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