Stitchtagram Pillows: Customize those perfect moments into some lovely decorative pillows

Customize those perfect moments of your life into some lovely decorative pillows.

Instagram is a service that many are already familiar with. Photo sharing is something that has become a pretty popular activity on both the net and among smartphone users. Now, you can do something pretty similar within your own home with the Stitchtagram service. The idea here is to let those who love those perfect snapshots to surround themselves with those lovely pictures all the time. While Instagram helps you in the virtual world, this cool new idea is perfect for the real world as pillows are covered with some of the many prints that you like.

Stitchtagram Instagram decorative pillows

The best part about these pillows is that unlike the may designs that are available in the market, you can customize your own design and use the photos that you specifically like in the order of your choice to create a pillow that is exactly like the one you want. The service is being offered from Washington DC and one of these will cost you $64, which is not too much to pay for all the customized look and personalized service that you get.

You can really mix and match with the frames that you want to use and create separate collections that have different themes for each room in your home. Maybe something personal for the bedroom and fun-loving and trendy for the living room couch…

Stitchtagram Instagram decorative pillows

Stitchtagram Instagram Pillow 2

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