GIFU lamp series: Inspired by the African savannah

One of the best places to draw inspiration from is nature. And that is all the more true for those who work in the design field as what could be better than trying to imitate and incorporate the various designs that have been perfected by nature over millions of years. And the wild plains of the African Savannah are true a thrilling conglomeration of the most breathtaking wildlife on the planet. The great migrations and the amazing sights and sounds of the Africa have inspired many artists, musicians and movie makers, among many more. Here is another glowing case in the point.

GIFU lamp series

María del Pilar Velasco & Pau Stephens have designed this GIFU Lamp and it has been inspired by the African wildlife. The lamp itself seems like a bit of a Giraffe on the grasslands and apparently the light installation at the front is supposed to the equivalent of an animal’s trunk while the wiring at the back, its tail. Yes, we know that giraffes are not supposed to have trunks, but this one seems like an amalgamation of several of the creatures found in the wild.

GIFU lamp series 2

The best thing about these lighting installations is that they save up on space and you can simply fold them up any time you feel they are not necessary. That seems like a convenient little trick and of course, we ourselves would replace the bulbs with LED lights so that we can conserve a tad bit on the energy and save up on those bills as well. Definitely a design that stands out from the pack…

GIFU lamp series 3GIFU lamp series 4

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