Elephant Chair: Experience royalty clad in leather in a unique fashion

Kings and queens of India were the ones that used to travel on the back of elephants that were clad in gold and precious gems in ancient times. There are still annual festivals across various regions of South East Asia where for a few days elephants are clad in gold and paraded around. Of course, you cannot take a ride on them, but if you would want the royalty and festivities toned down a tad bit and would like an ‘Elephant Chair’ in your own living room, then this one serves the purpose pretty well. Designed by Maximo Riera, here is a chair that will most definitely stand out from the pack and will ensure that you easily get a conversation started some guests are home next time!

 Elephant Chair by Maximo Riera

We tend to bring you so much décor and look at so many homes that we decided to offer you something that is really not very usual in terms of design and final look. Hence this Elephant Chair that is clad in leather and sports on the inside compressed foam and a steel frame to support the structure. The elephant itself seems pretty detailed in its finish and having used leather extensively we can pretty much vouch for the fact that it will take plenty of care to keep this one in good condition for prolonged period of time.

 Elephant Chair by Maximo Riera 2

And the elephant chair weighs in at 160 Kg, so if you pick a spot to place it in your living room, then you better not think of moving it around all too much. So, how much will it cost? Well, there is no official news on the pricing yet, but it should not be too tough to know the price of an Elephant Chair when it gets announced in future. I mean, it’s not like you find one every day…

Elephant Chair by Maximo Riera 3

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