Hed Lyte: Crystal animal heads to act as lighting installations!

We are not really big fans of designers twisting spellings to give new and kind of catchy names to their creations. For starters it really screws up with the spell check, but apart from that, unless it is some sorts of cool acronym, there really is no need to alter ‘Head Light’ to ‘Hed Lyte’. Of course, no need to unless you are part of the cool ‘twitter trending’ generation that has a busier life in the virtual world than in the real world or need to really trademark what you have just created. Since generic terms cannot be trademarked, seems like designers are adding new twists to both their designs and their names.

Hed Lyte

Okay, now that our little rant on naming things is done let us move on to these stunningly beautiful lighting installations crafted by Creative Session. And they indeed are all creative as they give a nice little twist to the traditional way of using real animal heads to decorate your home. These cool lights use the antlers on the deer head and the tusks of the elephant head as pristine white lights which are sure going to add a whole new dimension to your home.

Hed Lyte 2Hed Lyte 3

While the material in which they have been crafted is not yet certain, we would love to see them in crystalline designs that use clear and transparent material to add further beauty. This is indeed a wonderful change up from the use of animal heads that have been collected from the hunts and obviously a lot more planet friendly. Stylish and eye-catching, they sure are going to a talking point next time someone drops in for a visit.

Hed Lyte 4Hed Lyte 5

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