Water Discus Hotel: Stunning underwater hotel to take shape in Dubai

Dubai is already renowned for wowing its visitors with some of the most stunning structures and buildings that you will ever lay your eyes on. Architecture and design are well and truly one of the highpoints of a trip to the Middle East. There are some really stunning edifices that are already existing and shaping up in the region and joining that list now is the Water Discus Hotel by DOT. Deep Ocean Technology (DOT) are planning on building an amazing hotel in the region that will sport a few disc shaped structures which will sport a magnificent hotel that will both give you a life under the ocean surface and one just above it.

Water Discus Hotel Dubai

The discs will be located 10 meters below the sea level and will give you an amazing glimpse of the flora and fauna that exists under the waves and the 21 hotel rooms that will be underwater completely promise the very best in the world of luxury. The structure of the hotel sits on top of stable and strong towers that are highly safe even when disasters like a Tsunami strike. (Which is pretty rare for the region anyway)

Water Discus Hotel 3Water Discus Hotel 4Water Discus Hotel 5

There are also rooms above the ocean surface and with restaurants and other amazing features, the Water Discus Hotel will ensure that you have a holiday that you will never forget. There is no definitive date of completion as of yet, but when it does get done, it sure as hell promises to give you a thrilling new perception on what a stay at a hotel should be.

Water Discus Hotel 6Water Discus Hotel 7Water Discus Hotel 8Water Discus Hotel 9Water Discus Hotel 10

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