Home Bathroom Peter Pan Washbasin: Modern minimalist design that seems to floating mid-air!

Peter Pan Washbasin: Modern minimalist design that seems to floating mid-air!

Peter Pan Washbasin

Designers seem to be creating really fascinating décor and interiors and while it is wonderful to see all the ingenuity that is being put into the form and functionality aspects of the creations, what is more absorbing is the names that they seem to be giving to these modern creations. And giving an unusual name or two seems to be a good way to go as well since they obviously attract the attention of consumers and help the product stand out from the pack. The ‘Peter Pan’ washbasin is one of those that has fascinated us more because of its name than just its looks!

Peter Pan Washbasin

The washbasin gets its name not because it is perpetually young, but it offers an illusion of floating in mid air without any support whatsoever. That and the fact that it has a very ‘cheerful and happy’ tone to it, which its designers believe is how most fictional characters are. (Obviously they have not seen Tim Burton’s take on fairytales yet) The sink itself has a very minimalistic design to it and the droplet-shaped basin sits beautifully in the L-shaped crystal shelf.

Peter Pan Washbasin 2

The two distinctive units that form the design of the Peter Pan Washbasin give it a very ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing look. The two units can be either be separate from one another or can be combined together to save up on space, depending on your own home and its specific needs. Designed so very stylishly by Bruna Rapisarda for Regia in 2012, the unit uses revolutionary Zero Ray technology to achieve its special appearance. Truly eye-candy!

Peter Pan Washbasin 3Peter Pan Washbasin 4



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