Lamp Fire: Camping comes indoors with cool lighting installation

Here is another cool lighting design that sure is set to stand apart from the crowd with its nice form that seems clean and simple. Crafted by Creative Session, these lighting installations sure try to bring the fun that one normally has outdoors into an urban setting. Spending most of our time in the concrete jungle and in the big cities, we often tend to miss out on delights such as a big campfire and a night around out that is filled with fun and some special stories. But Lamp Fire tries to replicate that feeling of time around a campfire with its design that mimics the same.

Lamp Fire lighting installation

The installation is pretty straightforward in its form and a tripod-like structure sits comfortably with a light suspended from the middle. While the designers seem to illustrate the Lamp Fire’s form using an ordinary lamp, just replace that with a cool LED light that can flash in a color of your choice and you really have conversation starter in your living room, next time you decide to throw around a late night party.

Lamp Fire lighting installation 2

The Lamp Fire obviously tries to play on the nostalgic feeling that many of us have towards the time spent at camps when we were kids and while there is nothing like actually spending time out in the heart of nature, this sure can make an evening with kids at home a lot more fun. Cool, simple and ergonomic; Lamp Fire truly brings camping indoors!

Lamp Fire lighting installation 3Lamp Fire lighting installation 4

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